Join the anti anti-aging revolution!

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Join us in the next stage of evolution of the skin care industry – the anti anti-aging revolution!

So, maybe you’re in your 40s or 50s. You’ve enjoyed paying attention to your skin care routine over the years, but things have been changing with your skin. It’s not terrible, but subtle differences that have given you reason to believe that your skin might need something different. You poke around online to see if there’s something out there that could help. What do you find pop up most frequently in your search engine? Anti-aging….everything: creams, serums, cleansers….literally almost every brand and product on the list will have “anti-aging” somewhere in their name or description. Never mind the fact that the models used in these campaigns are in their 20s and 30s.

How are you supposed to find what your skin needs when the message is that you’re too old and only need this one product to turn into a 25 year old again?  And is that what you really want?!  To be 25 again?!

It's not all bad news – the language used in the beauty industry around the act of aging has dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Allure announced it would no longer use the term anti-aging in its printed and virtual pages in 2017; brands have chosen to change wording on their packaging to be less ageist in nature (Tula, Vichy and Dove and switched to terms like “pro-age”, “slow-age” and “ageless”); and many brands have made an effort to be more age-inclusive in their advertising campaigns, especially where models are utilized.

One would think these are all good things and getting the beauty industry moving in the right direction where it comes to embracing the aging process. But what has really changed? Little, according to a study published by Statistica in September 2023. The global anti-aging market is estimated to experience a 7% compound annual growth rate between 2022 and 2027. The change in language and visuals when describing aging in relation to the beauty market is just a repackaged message that there is a right way to age gracefully, yet the message remains the same: that your worth is tied to looking young. In other words, “buy this product to shave 10 years off your looks.”

What can we do? When it comes buying power, middle-aged women have it in spades. Use your wallet to support companies that break out of the industry mold of anti-aging, and provide you solutions to the problems you experience as you age: loss of moisture, discoloration due to sun exposure, a compromised skin barrier, redness/irritation, and possibly acne due to hormone fluctuation from perimenopause and menopause. Support the brands that have a mission to normalize the aging process and provide education and support to clients and are not just trying to push a product.

Let’s change the narrative about aging and feeling our best. Join the #antiantiagingrevolution and help change the industry for the next generation of women!

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