Luxury formulas. Real results. Anti-ageist skincare.


We’re changing minds about changing skin.

Welcome to the era of anti-anti aging, where we see beyond society's tired anti-aging rhetoric. We believe in aging actively, not masking arbitrarily. Our products nourish and restore skin changes on your terms, embracing your power and wisdom earned through time. Our formulas bottle the truth: there is strength in every line.

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We create sophisticated, bioadaptive, bioactive formulas that use high quality and naturally-based ingredients to treat the unique symptoms of peri/menopause.

Fact: menopausal skin doesn’t need a consolation prize, it needs what works. We’re driven by a real need and gap in the skincare landscape.

Our products are especially designed for women experiencing common skin issues that appear during perimenopause and menopause, but can be used by anyone!

What we do

Why we do it

Who it`s for

"After using the facial oil for just a few weeks I noticed the moisture was much improved. Now, I regularly receive compliments on my skin from family as well as from strangers!"

TARA H., 42

Environmentally sustainable from our incepeption

Fair Trade Sourcing

We work with suppliers who are committed to biodiversity, ethical trade practices, and responsible supply chains.

Sustainable Harvesting

Our partners are committed to working with local growers and and small-scale farms to support sustainable growing practices.

Sustainable Packaging

The boxes for our bottles are 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR), our bottles are fully curbside recyclable, and our shipping materials are certified home compostable.

"I started this company because I struggled to find products that worked for me when I was going through perimenopause. I literally tried everything."

— Joy Kirst, Founder, Modern Age Skin